The Artist Spoke

The Artist Spoke won the Maincrest Media Award in Literary Fiction. “The blend of literature, technology, life and death prove to be an interesting combination. Overall, this book has one of the most original plots that readers may ever come across. A thoroughly engaging read.” — Judge’s Statement

The Artist Spoke is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions. The hardcover includes six color photographs by me — my “Chicago series” from January 2019 — plus the cover image (they are in black and white in the paperback edition). Read the online Preface. And access the novel’s sell sheet.

Please watch the video book launch for The Artist Spoke.

Listen to the 42 Minutes podcast in which I talk about The Artist Spoke, among other topics.

“I must say, many readers will love this book, but if you’re a writer or a true literary junkie (as am I), you’ll definitely be able to get with the characters and understand the intense feelings they have. . . . [Morrissey’s style is] introspective, concise, warm and delightful.” — Amy Lignor, Reader Views

“Ted Morrissey’s novel The Artist Spoke is a mysterious, mesmerizing examination of the contrary aspects of the writing life, and the fragility of relationships. . . . The narrative maintains an intimate, internalized style. . . . [The novel] is an exciting literary mystery.” — Peter Dabbene, Foreword Reviews

“The book is a literary love letter. . . . Morrissey’s supple sentences are a mini-tutorial on craft, pulling a world of emotion from the smallest image. . . . Those who revel in how closely observed detail and powerful language can infuse the most mundane experiences with beauty and tenderness will relish this novel.” — BlueInk Review

“The story revels in a background debate about fame versus talent . . . It’s all approached very warmly, this desire devotees [of the author Elizabeth Winters] have for a mystery, breaking news, and to feel a part of something grand. Strongly written with some light moments, the tale delivers an up-in-the-air premise that nicely amplifies its introspective tone. An inventive, reflective story about cultural phenomena and personal connections to literature.” — Kirkus Reviews