An Untimely Frost

An Untimely Frost, or The Authoress, is available from Twelve Winters Press via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Espresso Book Machine, and a host of global booksellers. Listen to an interview in which the author discusses An Untimely Frost, among other topics. Read the first chapter at the author’s blog, or on Wattpad. See the novel’s sell sheet. The novel is listed on the Book Club Reading List.

Praise for An Untimely Frost . . .

“Bravo, bravo, bravo … I am obsessed with book. If you are a fan of old chilling historical classics in the manner of Mary Shelley or Hardy, then this book is for you…. Haunting. Beautiful. Captivating. Mr. Morrissey has given us a lesson on how to write historical literary [fiction].”

— DK Marley, The Historical Fiction Company 5/5 stars, Highly Recommended (April 2022)

“In An Untimely Frost, Ted Morrissey takes us on a haunting journey through mid-19th-century London. . . . The novel becomes an engrossing mystery and more than simple historical fiction . . . a wonderful read that draws in the reader. . .”

— Anne Drolet, North American Review (fall 2014)

“There are moments of true brilliance in An Untimely Frost. It reads like it was written by a post-modernist emulating Henry James, which proves to be an intriguing combination. The story’s ending is as strong as many, and the author’s writing is in turns funny and harrowing.”

— William Wright, Chicago Book Review

“The writing is beautiful and elaborate, and is a testament to the research that Ted Morrissey conducted for this book. . . . As a result, it feels like a Victorian novel.”

— Cecile Sune, Book Obsessed

An Untimely Frost, or The Authoress, accomplishes what all great historical fiction does:  it transports us to another era in order to help us better understand our own. One does not read this charming novel as much as get transported by it. Ted Morrissey writes with joy, ardor and an uncanny ability to tingle all of the senses with each carefully chosen image and every eloquently rendered turn of phrase.”

Andrew Ervin, author of Extraordinary Renditions

“Much to admire and enjoy. With a charming persona driving the prose, Ted Morrissey’s An Untimely Frost gives a T. C. Boyle-esque mix of the historical and the modern. I admire the way he creates a fairly strict historical realism and also a playful surrealist edge–a fine blend of traditional and experimental forms.”

John Paul Jaramillo, author of The House of Order

“Morrissey creates a literary camera obscura:  his linguistic lens transports the reader into dark alleys of nineteenth-century London. Filled with twists and thrills, the novel is a treat.  It brings back sweet memories of reading Conan Doyle and Wilkie Collins on cold winter nights, a steaming mug of tea and a purring cat in my lap, hours and pages flying by.”

Zarina Zabrisky, author of We, Monsters

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