Weeping with an Ancient God

A Best Book of 2015

Weeping with an Ancient God- front cover

Weeping with an Ancient God, a novella, has been released by Twelve Winters Press. The novella includes original illustrations by Adam G. Perschbacher as well as an interview by Beth Gilstrap.

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Praise for Weeping with an Ancient God

“[T]his is an enticing read. It stands as a great little work of existential crisis and isolation, of a man lost at sea.”

— Michael Pementel, Chicago Book Review

“In Weeping with an Ancient God, Ted Morrissey offers readers an intriguing glimpse into the very human experiences of one of literature’s immortals, Herman Melville.  An homage to Melville’s Typee:  A Peep at Polynesian Life, Morrissey’s work allows Melvill — as a character — to face cultural disorientation with all the foibles of a man certain of his principles.  Morrissey’s Melvill is reckless with fear, embarrassed in lust.  Even readers who shy away from Melville’s great works will find it easy to relate to Morrissey’s Melvill, compelling, flawed, at heart simply a man.”

— Lisa Higgs, author of Lodestar


“In a prose reminiscent of Coleridge and Narayan, Morrissey’s Weeping with an Ancient God blends history and narrative in a thrilling journey through a savage world that dares to question the nature of civilized society.”

— Adam Kershaw, author of The Price of Loyalty


“Ted Morrissey sifts through memory in search of meaning, and often finds it — and life — slip-sliding away into melancholy.  The lush prose of the novella makes this book a real keeper.”

— Robert Lamb, author of A Majority of One

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