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Ted Morrissey is the author of the novel Men of Winter (2010, re-released 2013), the novelette Figures in Blue,  and, most recently, the novel An Untimely Frost (Twelve Winters Press).  His short fiction has appeared in nearly twenty journals, including Glimmer Train, The Chariton Review, and PANK.  He is also the author of the monograph The Beowulf Poet and His Real Monsters:  A Trauma-Theory Reading of the Anglo-Saxon Poem (Edwin Mellen Press, 2013).  He holds a PhD in English studies and lives just north of Springfield, Illinois.  A William H. Gass scholar, several of his presentations on Gass’s work are archived at his 12 Winters Blog.

Contact:  jtedmorrissey (at) gmail (dot) com

News: (April 14, 2014) The author’s brief article “The Loss of Intellect” has been posted on North American Review’s blog. It’s an extension of his review of William H. Gass’s novel Middle C based on Gass’s mid-1990s predictions about the effects of technology and the Web on young minds in particular.

News: Twelve Winters Press is working with voice artist Fred Wolinsky to produce an audiobook of Figures in Blue. The audiobook should be available in June.

News: (March 8, 2014) The author’s short story “Scent of Darkness” is in the March issue of Black Denim Lit. “Scent of Darkness” is part of a series of related stories, others of which have appeared in the Tulane Review, Noctua Review and Constellations.

News: The author’s review of William H. Gass’s novel Middle C, “Composing Interlacing Narratives,” is in the current issue of North American Review.

News: The author presented his paper “Theory into Praxis: William H. Gass’s Middle C” at the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900 February 20. The paper has been posted at his 12 Winters Blog.

News: (January 7, 2014) The novel An Untimely Frost is available in paperback from Amazon as well as for Kindle, from Barnes & Noble, including for Nook, and from Espresso Book Machine. Visit the Twelve Winters Press site for a complete list of sellers.

An Untimely Frost FRONT cover

News:  (December 2013) The poem “A Painful Commerce” has been collected in The Muse:  An International Journal of Poetry, volume 1, issue 2, edited by Pradeep Chaswal, Deepak Chaswal and Mohammad Arif.

News: (December 2013) WUIS Public Radio has aired an interview with the author, discussing the novelette Figures in Blue and the forthcoming novel An Untimely Frost, among other topics.  See the Interviews page for others as well.

News: (November 20, 2013) The Kindle edition and Nook edition of Figures in Blue are available from Battered Suitcase Press, and other digital formats are at Smashwords.

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News: (November 18, 2013) North American Review posted “The Psychic Origins of Creativity” on its blog.

News: (October 25, 2013) The novelette Figures in Blue is now available in print through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Espresso Book Machine.   A digital edition is coming out from Battered Suitcase Press in November.

Figures in Blue

Update: (October 10, 2013) To date, several university libraries have acquired The Beowulf Poet and His Real Monsters, including Notre Dame University, Duke University, Australian National University, University of South Dakota, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester, Bavarian State Library (Munich), and University of Illinois Springfield.  Research libraries acquiring the ebook include Purdue University, University of Maryland, Pepperdine University, University of Nebraska-Omaha, University of Wisconsin-Eue Claire, College of Western Idaho, University of California-Merced, University of Washington, the State Library of Western Australia, and Loyola Notre Dame University. 

News: (October 1, 2013) Ted Morrissey is involved in presenting and planning several writing workshops in Springfield, Illinois, as part of the Vachel Lindsay Association (he is a member of the executive board). Other presenters are Lisa Higgs, Tracy Zeman, Meagan CassJohn McCarthy, Nikki Overcash, and Jim Warner.  See the workshop site for complete details, including registration information.

Update:  (September 21, 2013) The Revised & Expanded Edition of Men of Winter is now available on Kindle.

News: (August 2, 2013) Men of Winter, a Revised & Expanded Edition, has been released by Twelve Winters Press and is now available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Espresso Book Machine.  It will soon be available in a variety of formats from multiple sources.  Download a printable flyer.

Men of Winter Front Cover

News: (June 4, 2013) The article “Beowulf Waits for an Audience” is in the current issue (winter 2013, 298.1) of the North American Review.

News:  (March 12, 2013) The monograph The Beowulf Poet and His Real Monsters was released by Edwin Mellen Press.  It is the first time that the postmodern critical model of trauma theory has been used to gain insight into the classic Old English poem.  The book is available in various formats, and scholarly journals may request free copies for review.  Please see the monograph’s page for further details.

Update: Edwin Mellen Press awarded the monograph the D. Simon Evans Prize for distinguished scholarship–the Press’s highest honor.

Beowulf Poet cover

Author photo by Shannon O’Brien

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